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Services for Faculty


CareerRAM is the Career Center's online recruiting system. It connects students and alumni with employers through online job and internship postings, on-campus interviews, career events, and more. As a faculty member, we encourage you to create an account so you can stay informed of posted jobs, upcoming events, etc. For login assistance, please contact us.

Go to CareerRAM

If you're looking for on-campus employment information, please visit Student Employment Services.

CareerRAM Registration Request

If you don't already have a CareerRAM account and you are faculty/staff at CSU, please provide the following information so we may enter you into CareerRAM. Your information will be processed within 48 hours (probably much sooner) during weekdays. Your registration information will be sent to you at the email address you provide.

* If you already have an account and forgot your password, please DO NOT use this form. Instead, click the "Forgot your password?" link on the login page, or contact us.

Resume Class Assignments

The Career Center staff is happy to work with you to help you create a class assignment in which your students can receive professional feedback on their resume. Below is a list of guidelines that will ensure we are able to provide your students with a quality resume critique in a timely fashion:

  • Please notify the Career Center if you are asking for students to receive a resume critique as part of a class assignment.
  • Direct your students to our drop-in office.
  • If your class is larger than 50 students, please create a staggered due date so 50 students have their assignment due at a time. Since we know many students wait until the last minute to complete an assignment, this will help ensure that we can manage the volume of students coming in for a resume critique at any given time.
  • Counselors can sign and date resumes, but due to cost, we cannot hand out business cards.
  • Please review the Career Center's Events Calendar for any major events such as Career Fairs as these events take the majority of staff's time, thus making it challenging for staff to dedicate the appropriate time to your students. Please do not schedule assignments to be due around these major events.

Resume-Writing Resources

  • Summit Guide: A resource designed to provide your students with examples of well written resumes and cover letters
  • Resume Wizard: An electronic resource within CareerRAM to help your students write their resume and cover letter

Translating Majors to Careers

Below is a third-party tool designed to help students explore what career options are available with various majors (also available in the "Students" section of the site).

For each major that interests you, choose "either the PDF or HTML version" to find an outline of common career areas, typical employers, and strategies designed to maximize career opportunities. Choose "Links" to find a list of websites that provide information about listed majors and related careers.

Keep in mind that the information sheets and websites are representative of typical career paths associated with each major and not a comprehensive list. You may want to explore information and websites from multiple majors to help you learn about a wide range of career opportunities.

Disclaimer: Please note that the websites listed under "Links" are not maintained by the Career Center, but are provided as a convenience.

Additional Resources

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